How to make a man come?

Male orgasm is not limited to just ejaculation. There are different ways to make a man come, either by penetration, masturbation or fellatio. What are these different ways to make a man come? 

What is the male orgasm?

Let's start by defining the word "orgasm" in the shortest sense of the term. Orgasm is defined as a threshold of maximum sensations following a phase of intense sexual excitement. The stimulation can be done either on an erogenous zone or on a sexual organ. The main sexual organs that are most sensitive are the anus, the testicles and the penis. Generally, sexual orgasm results in ejaculation. 

However, this is not the only manifestation of orgasm. It can be manifested by intense muscle contractions. A male orgasm does not last long. It lasts only 6 seconds.  It generally causes an acceleration of the heartbeat and an important feeling of well-being, a sign of enjoyment. 

Oxytocin, a hormone released completely during orgasm, causes a state of intense relaxation. On the other hand, these hormones can create feelings of sleep. In view of all the well-being that orgasm brings, it is important to know how to give it to your partner. 

Ways to give a male sexual orgasm 

When asked how to achieve a sexual orgasm, the answer is simple. All you have to do is communicate with your partner. There is no magic formula. Most of the time, during sexual intercourse, excitement is at its peak. An orgasm can occur very quickly during coitus. This is probably why it is the main way to give your man an orgasm. 

Moreover, a technique can help to increase even more the sensations of orgasms. It is the "Stop and go" technique. It consists in stopping the movements during the coitus. This increases twice as much the sensation of excitement. It is possible to have a sexual orgasm without penetration. It is enough to stimulate the sexual organs and to be soft while caressing them.