Tips for a fulfilling sexuality

Casual marriages are not the only reason couples break up. The lack of a fulfilling sexuality also contributes to it. What advice should be given to achieve it?

Sexuality, an art

Quenching your sexual thirst and that of your partner is an art that can be learned. And in order not to make a poor showing during this learning process, the interested party must kill the spirits within him:

  • Shyness ;
  • The psychological limit ;
  • Indecision;
  • Clumsiness;
  • And anxiety.

Far from being a simple enumeration, these points mentioned are necessary preconditions to the expression and enjoyment of sexual pleasure. The other stage of learning is to capitalize on one's experiences in order to meet the demands of one's partner. This last step is not an invitation to debauchery.

Sexuality, the sense of observation

Sexual lovemaking is a time of complementarity. The two partners must know how to observe each other. The sense of observation for a fulfilled sexuality passes by a particular attention that each partner must carry on the sexual preferences of the other. If, for example, caresses on the shoulders, hair, and cuddling are the weak points of one, the other must accommodate them and vice versa. Likewise, love does not mix well with dictatorship, and neither partner has the right to dictate to the other his or her desires during sexual relations. Everything must be done jointly.

Silence, a poison to sexuality

If there is one thing parents can be blamed for in the education they give their children, it is that they have made sexuality itself and related subjects taboo. This black spot in education reinforces the shyness of the man or woman (the boy and girl of yesterday). Many couples fall apart because of a lack of communication about their sexual drive. To avoid this extreme, it will be necessary that each partner opens up to the other by sharing his or her sexual positions, the duration of a satisfying carnal pleasure and many other details. The sexual development of the couple is at stake.

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